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Ottawa Pop-Up Erotic Art Show

September 29 - 30, 2017

“Welcome to the show. Welcome to 'Carnal-Vale'!”


'Carnal-Vale', is a collection of drawings on Mylar which explore the sensual and the taboo, through the lens of fun, theatre and sexual exploration. Each piece is a fragment of a moment in time; a snapshot that leaves no indication of what came before or what is to occur after. All we are left with are disjointed frames; a place where the fantastical and the real can meet, while also holding on to the strange and the marginalized. Using dramatic and theatrical elements to push boundaries and provoke temptation, a world of possibility and impossibility is performed in front of you, seducing you closer, and inviting you in.


'Carnal-Vale' is a series made in honour of the Ottawa Erotic Art Show 2017.

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